• Welcome to Photronix Solar

    Photronix Solar is a globally recognised leading solar energy solutions provider, specialising in high efficiency solar power products manifacturer.What started as a small team of solar energy experts eventually became a renewable energy market leader offering first-class solutions in solar panels development and installation.

  • Welcome to Photronix Solar

    We are centered on marketing, trading, transportation, and distribution of solar panels in India and around the world.Photronix Solar is an environmentally friendly renewable energy companyoffering a broad portfolio of technologies, products & solutions to our clients globally.

  • Welcome to Photronix Solar

    Photronix Solar is your choice in the world of green energy solutions. We provides affrodable energy solution for your home or office.

About Us

About our technologies

commercial renewable and energy saving for business.

the power of solar energy at your home.

Geothermal electric infrastructure systems.

wind and solar hydrogen & fuel cells.

Managing solar energy saving

biomass Solar power and basic sciences.

eco psychology and manufacturing solar panels.

Research in saving power of science & technology.

Connections made easy to increase solar energy.


Residential Solar Projects

Photronix Solar offers solar rooftop for home, offices.
Save and Earn from your idle rooftop space.

Commercial & Industrial Solar Projects

Photronix Solar's customized rooftop solutions have helped multiple industrial,Institutions, commercial customers implement sustainable solar power solutions.

Solar Street Light

Photronix Solar provides LED Solar Street Light Suitable for Apartment, Hospital, Hostels, Garden, etc..

Solar Water Heating Systemt

Investment in Photronix Solar Water Heating Systemt ensures return on investment by reducing your electricity bills.

Solar Water Pump Systemt

Matching up with the exact requirments of customers,we are involved in presenting wide array of solar water Pump.

Solar Traffic Signal Lights

Photronix Solar's traffic lights are suitable for providing traffic signalling or highway blinker application without having to rely on electric grid.

Solar Fencing System

Photronix Solar fencing system is a popular and sought system for protecting premises for Agriculture, Security or High security applications.


Solar Panel150,250,290,340 watt

Commercial & IndustrialSolar Projects

Solar Street Light

Solar Water Heating Systemt

SolarWater Pump System

Solar Water Pump System

Solar Fencing System

Photronix Solar Products

Solar Traffic Signal Lights

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